About The Texas Liquor Law

As well as the Texas liquor law is concerned, a TABC attorney Houston based said it is widely believed to be a mix of conservative and liberal ideas. For instance, there are some counties in the state that are completely dry counties. In simple terms, it means that in these counties, no sale of alcohol is allowed anywhere. On the other hand, there Image result for About The Texas Liquor Laware also completely wet counties which means there is absolutely no restriction of sale of alcohol anywhere in these counties. There are also some mixed counties where sale of alcohol is allowed at some places whereas it is restricted at some particular places.

Most of the counties in the state are either moist counties with a combination of wet and dry areas or completely wet counties. Less than 10 counties in the state are completely dry counties. As far as the legal age for drinking is concerned, the Texas liquor law states that an individual needs to be at least 21 years old in order to publicly drink alcohol in the state. It is important to mention here that there are some exceptions to this rule.

There are 10 states in the whole country where minors are allowed to consume alcohol in specific locations. For instance, Texas allows minors to consume alcohol in the safety of their home when parents allow the minors to consume alcohol. However, the laws do not allow anyone to offer alcohol to a non-family person who is below the age of 21 even when they have been granted permission by their parents or in their own residence. In other words, alcohol to a person younger than 21 can only be offered by their own parents.

Like most of the country, the upper limit of blood alcohol content while driving a motor vehicle is 0.08%. If a driver tests blood alcohol content of 0.08% or greater, they are considered driving under the influence of alcohol and they will attract DUI charges. There are also certain open container laws where previously opened containers of alcohol need to be stored in such a manner to prevent direct access to the driver as well as any passengers in the vehicle. In simple terms, the law is designed to ensure that the driver of a vehicle or passengers in the vehicle should not be able to get drunk while driving.

There are also many other liquor laws and many experts agree that most of these laws are highly complicated. Therefore, if you want to have a complete understanding of the Texas liquor law, it is best to get in touch with an attorney specializing in the liquor laws in the state.

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