San Francisco ERISA Lawyers Can Help You With Long Term Disability Claims

Do you have a disability benefits case on your hands and need an attorney in San Francisco? A San Francisco ERISA lawyer can help you if you have found yourself in a struggle over the long term disability benefits provided by your employer. It sounds so good to have all the extra insurance and benefits you can, but what happens when you file claims and don’t get what you expect? Isn’t that why you Image result for ERISA claim already deniedsigned up for those benefits in the first place, to get the help when you need it?

We all hope that we don’t need long term disability benefits. Things happen though, and if you have found yourself in a position where you need to use the benefits available to you, there shouldn’t be any question as to whether or not you get the help. Let me tell you a story about an employer I used to work for and the benefits package they made available.

This employer placed a high priority on safety. I’ll never forget orientation either because of all of the benefits that were made available to us. Short term disability benefits were provided to us as part of our initial coverage I believe, but we had the option of purchasing long term disability coverage if we wanted the extra protection. I remember opting out of the long term disability coverage because it was an extra expense, but I probably should have said yes to that coverage.

While I didn’t need the coverage, it is protection that you never know if you will need or not, and it was actually cheap. Still, what good would it have done me if I would have opted for the coverage, only to find out later I couldn’t use it because of one reason or another?

For sure, companies have to watch when it comes to claims. They have to be sure that there is no fraud involved, and they have to watch their bottom line. They provide coverage in a day and age when all medical services are astronomically expensive. Still, when supplying coverage to people, they have a responsibility, and that means paying the right amount for disability claims.

Was your claim already denied? If so, you can appeal. What you need is a San Francisco ERISA lawyer that knows the ropes and can get you to where you need to be. Don’t get lost in those muddy waters, and don’t give up. Pick an attorney that can help you fight.

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