What Candies Not To Pack When Travelling?

The TSA has applied a load of restrictions on what you can and cannot travel with on an airplane and candy has not been exempted from limitations. So before you pack your snack pack and get ready to board your flight, read this:

1. Gel And Liquid Candies

Image result for gel candiesIt is best to avoid any type of gel or liquid candies in your carry on luggage. They will simply be confiscated. Even items that have a gel or liquid center like cough drops or gum may fall prey to the TSA restrictions. So stick with hard or gum candies. It’s best that before you pack, check on candies online like here at http://www.sweetservices.com/ and see what candies don’t fall as gel and liquid candies.

2. Volume

Pay careful attention to the amount of candy you take along, even if it is packed in your check-in luggage. If you take along too much candy (especially of the same kind) customs may have an issue in your country of origin or at your destination. Check the rules and regulations regarding volume in your destination country. If you are flying home with plenty of candy as gifts for friends and families from your travels abroad, be extra careful.

3. Natural, Organic Or Plant-based Candies

Many countries have restrictions on the type of natural or plant-based foods that they will allow into the country. Products that contain seeds or nuts may not be accepted in your destination country. Once again, read the rules and regulations in this regard. Not only may the candy be confiscated but you could face a fine.

4. Chocolate

Chocolate is one of the most accepted candies that can be taken on any flight, no matter where it originates from. However, pay careful attention to the packaging. Open candies may be restricted, chocolates that have a liquid or alcoholic center as well as those containing nuts, fruit and seeds.

5. Powdery Candy

Because powdered candies emulate certain types of drugs, it is probably best not to travel with these on your person, in your hand luggage or your checked luggage. Although these will probably not be confiscated, you may need to go through the trouble of having them tested to see if they aren’t drugs. This could result in lots of time wasted and even a missed flight.

While there are many horror stories about candy being confiscated at the airport, following these 5 simple rules should keep you out of trouble and with your sugar stash intact for your on flight and later enjoyment.

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