The Reasons To Rent A Boat Before You Purchase One

Now that the economic climate appears to be stabilizing, more boat enthusiasts are considering buying boats so that they can enjoy their time on the water even more. However, it is a major decision to consider purchasing a boat because it is a large investment considering the other accessories like custom boat covers and other boat equipment you may be needing. This is one of the reasons why more boaters are choosing to rent before they buy so they will know if this is the best decision for their needs.

Renting is an excellent way to compare the various types of boat types and models before you select the boat you want to buy. These rentals come in many choices including hourly rentals and daily rentals. There are even some marinas that will permit a week long charter so you can learn more about the boat. Some boating operations will provide you with different types of boats, but they may not have various models for rent.

Most rental fleets only offer basic models, however, the rental experience will be enough for to provide you and your family with the information you need as well as a small sample of the water fun that is waiting for you.

Houseboat Rentals

These types of rentals have become very popular over the past few years. Many boat rental companies provide houseboats for rent that can easily accommodate up to 12 people at once. These rentals are often accompanied by land based house rental complete with amenities such as barbeque grills.

During your week long rental, you could cruise casually from cove to cove. You can also choose to socialize with other boaters for a week of boating fun.

Daily Rentals

Most marinas around the country offer boaters the opportunity to rent different vessels at an hourly or daily rate. Boaters can enjoy these rentals in lakes or other local bodies of water, and can include:

• Ski boats
• Pontoon boats
• Deck boats
• Houseboats
• Powered fishing boats

Most boats are very simple to operate. However, you will need to be aware of the licensing and certification requirements before you can rent the boat. A dock attendant will also provide you with the necessary instructions before you go out on the water.


Sailing is a skill that must be learned. This is why a rental company will want to make sure you are competent to operate the boat safely. If you are interested in sailing, contact the company first to ask about their policies on sailboat rentals.

Purchasing a boat can be an expensive investment. If you cannot decide if you want to buy a boat, rent a boat instead and decide if a boat purchase is the best choice for you.

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