Have You Called Your Plumber Before Leaving For Vacation?

You have packed away all the important papers for your trip. The pets have been left off at reliable boarding facility. The car has been looked over by a mechanic. And the kids have all the work they need to be caught up on when they return to school. It looks like you have all your bases covered and you are on your way to an incredible vacation.

Of course, it always happens a few hours into the drive when you start to worry about things. Did I lock the front door? Did I turn off the kitchen stove? Did I put a temporary hold on the mail and newspaper? And, MTP Plumbing & Heating LLC is got to remind you one thing, did you call your plumber before taking off?

One thing people never stop to think about is the plumbing within their house when they leave on vacation. There are many things that can go wrong with your plumbing system while you are away for a week or two. Nothing is worse than coming home from an incredible vacation at Walk Disney World only to see that the toilet became angry and sprung a leak that has been draining for the past week!

Before you go on vacation you will want to call a plumber to do a quick walk-thru of your home and examine some of the following problem areas before you leave.

Shut Off The Main Valve

If it will be a week or so before you leave you will want your plumber to show you where the main water valve is in the home and how to shut it off. If the water cannot be shut off have them show you where the main problem areas are for water damage. This typically includes sinks, toilets, washing machines, and dishwashers.

Check Supply Lines

All the supply lines should be checked to make sure they are not too brittle and are in danger of busting while you are away. If any are found to be in bad condition, they should be replaced by the plumber. In fact, this is an area that should be checked regularly by yourself or a professional plumber.

Sump Pump

The sump pump in your basement is a vital part of keeping your house safe from flooding damage. Make sure that your plumber checks to make sure that it is working fine and comes on automatically. He will more than likely fill the hole with a bucket of water to ensure that it comes on. If any adjustments need to be made he will do so at that time.

Just make sure that you have a plumber stop by your house a week r so before you are ready to leave and check all water fixtures. This will ensure that your incredible vacation is not ruined by a flooded house.

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