Benefits of Hiking

Hiking is boldly defined as trekking to the wilderness preferably still undiscovered. With the question of when was this hiking started, there is no definite answer as of writing. To question as to who started the hiking, well, Americans are on the first list as of today. There are two sides of reasons why people do the hiking and trekking, one main reason is to reconnect into the nature. The other is health obviously.

Although health is one of the reason for hiking, Becker ENT warned patients who just have their surgery to take precautions. Before doing some hiking, you must talk to your doctor of the activities you might be having after your surgery. Although doing your nose surgery is not directly connected to the force to do hiking, there are after surgery care you must take. Like for the case of nose job, it is recommended that you take a rest at least 12 weeks. For those that took ankle surgery, extra care and hiking is not recommended after the recovery period, using pole while hiking is still a recommended support even after recovery period.

Health. That Traditional cross-country hiking will burn your hundreds of calories in every hour. According to recent study, you can burn 500 calorie in an hour with hiking, regardless if it’s a flat path or a mountain walking.

I can’t understand why there is what they call backpacking as a form of hiking, backpack full of supplies and necessities, it is described as that. When in fact every time I go hiking, I don’t risk going without my backpack. Maybe it should be described as hiking in a long distance in a long time where you need the most supplies and needs intended for a longer hike than normal. Loads are more on weight so more physical pressure is mandated.

Reconnect to the nature. Living life in the city has disconnected humanity from the nature. When I enter the mall, I saw a lot of beautiful flowers on sale. Most of us appreciates the beautiful things we see in malls, we see horse models in the park. We almost forget those are genuine before before there is a model. Hiking, trekking, backpacking, cross-country and all those sorts are disconnecting to city life in a while and reconnecting to the nature adoring its beauty.

Where I am most attracted? I’d like reconnection with the nature. I am on the birth of mind setting my kids by playing in the backyard and camping than sitting in front of their tv or computers killing time to dinner.



Traveler, Gender Activist, Aspiring Yogi. I love photography and hitting things to make them work.

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