Adventures In North East: The Best Places To Visit In New Jersey

New Jersey is a small northeastern state within 130-miles of the Atlantic coastline. There are so many places to visit in New Jersey. Atlantic City is one of the most popular places to visit in New Jersey. It is known for the gambling casinos and as being the home of Miss America pageant. There are top waterfront attractions in the city which are quite famous with the majority of visitors to the city. The famous Gardner’s Basin and Wood-Plank Boardwalk are two of the famous waterfronts in the area. There are also waterfront dining, dolphin sighting cruises and fishing activities that are popular in the region. This article provides a comprehensive overview of the best places to visit in New Jersey.

Ocean City is a popular destination located in southern New Jersey’s Cape May. The city has less than 12,000 dwellers, but attracts more than one million as tourists each year. The place is home to a 4poendi8couple of amusement parks with thrilling roller coaster rides. Ocean City has at least eight miles of pristine beaches that are regarded as some of the best in New Jersey. Visitors should possess beach bags to access the beach areas during summer time.

Princeton is another popular destination in New Jersey. It is popular for the university named Princeton that was established in 1756. The town houses more than 29,000 residents. It is also home to several Fortune 500 companies. Some of the popular tourists attractions in Princeton are Albert Einstein’s house and the Washington Oak. This oak tree was alive in 1787 when the US Constitution was signed. Hoagie Heaven is a popular Princeton eatery famous for its sub sandwiches.

Jersey City is the second largest in the state. It has a population of 247,000 people, and is located within the New York metropolitan area. The 9/11 Memorial at Liberty State Park is one of the top attractions in the city. In fact, the 9/11 attack devastated the whole area. ICON Equipment Distributors, Inc.  is one of the leading companies that revolutionized the shoring and guided auger boring industry by undertaking the trenching business and lent tons of trench boxes in the area after the 9/11 catastrophe.

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